> 2011

Legos with Nenny
Photo by Silas
Spring Street
Acupuncture & moxibustion
Violin class
The Long Winter - reading while inverted
Levi gets a library card
Filling out paperwork for a new library card
Water on the ice
Doing chores
To Shin-Do
Reading in the morning
Typical chaos
Big belly
The night before Cricket
First photo - taken by Silas
14 inches
Arlo's first visit from the doctor (he makes house calls)
Learning about seals at UNE's Marine Animal Rehabilitation Center
Baby in the sun
Our first hike as a family of 5
At the woodcock watch
Out with the boys
Sleeping Levi
Which one is the real baby?
Levi's working on something....
Brenda visits
A midwife checkup with Brenda, Lindsay & Solomon
7.5 lbs @ 3.5 weeks
Blue suit
Cooking with Crickett
Eastland Hotel
Congress Street
Earth Day Celebration
Tide pool at Wolfe Neck Woods
There goes another glass of wine...
Dinner at J's after a week of Work Camp
Arlo wants gelato
Summer at camp
Sunset on the dock
Sweet baby
Dinner at Kawahnee Inn
Little man
Chatting with Josie Huang
Levi loves Moxie