> 2008

Tiny & Giant Saguaros
Vans for scale
Jenny at Saguaro National Park
Catalina State Park
Sunset at Catalina
Barn owl
Blooming agave
Silas & Ruby on a break at Holbrook, Arizona
Silas made Aunt Heidi a birthday gift
The braids he has always wanted
Silas making birdfeeders to celebrate Spring
Peeps found Silas' birdfeeder
Dump truck in the sand
Sand Dune Arch area
Silas on the rocks
The Bus Family & Us
Turret Arch
Fun in the airstream - Tiny sprays Silas with cold water
Rock Climbing
Biking in Moab
Fire fighter training
Naked with a book
Mark's minor modification to the Fat Flush Diet
Cute brothers
Silas & his new kite
Silas decided to wash windows, Tiny decided to soak in the dirty wash water
Bagel with cream cheese with parmesan cheese on top
Breakfast with Si Si
Homemade chocolate ice cream - yum!
Bonneville Salt Flats, Utah
Playing on the salt
Waiting for Old Faithful
Silas at Yellowstone
Bison on the road
Heron on the Yellowstone River
Montana snowbanks in early May - van for scale
Levi hiking in the badlands
Silas & Paul Bunyan
Moose back at camp
The gang
At the lake
Ben's first swim of the season
Silas & ice cream with eyes
Finger knitting
Tiny & a luna moth
Levi fell asleep snuggling with his cousin Ben
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