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May 31, 2010



Very interesting Michelle. I, too, love the juveniles. While working with our horseshoe crabs in the children's cove at the aquarium, I was amazed to learn that they were not crustaceans, but part of the arachnid or spider family. They are considered living fossils. Pretty amazing creatures.



The baby horseshoe crabs were so cute, they didnt hurt, but it might if you stepped on their tail when it was sticking out.  The big ones would try to threaten you but swinging their tale back forth sticking it up, but it doesnt hurt you.  You know already that I put them right up to my face.  They move slow on the land but swim pretty fast in the water. 

Our friend Coco came camped one night with us, that was fun.

The horseshoe crabs crawled into our moat all they did was dig when they got in there.

You can tell the males because they have an extra tiny leg to hold onto the female to mate.



You really did learn so much about horseshoe crabs on your adventure. I was able to pick up horseshoe crabs when I worked in the Children's cove at the aquarium. I liked to feel their fuzzy legs. I'd like to go back to the aquarium at Boothbay with you and Levi.

I'm so happy that Levi recovered from his rash. I liked the view from your campsite. Camping is fun.


Cody loved this post! He especially enjoyed the photo of Tiny with the tiny horseshoe crab and the one with both boys, their moat and their visitor! Really, he kept scrolling up and down looking at all the photos but those two were his favorites.
You guys are all learning so much...all the time!


Please tell Cody that I loved those two photos also - those were two of my favorite things from the whole trip.  Isnt Cody really into marine biology?  I think I remember you  mentioning that at one point - no wonder he loved this post!

Gwynneth Beasley

Oh I love these photos and you are so informative. I am sure we don't get these in Australia but we have seen them in dinosaur dvd's so yes - they have been around for that long!


Thanks Gwynneth!  Do you guys watch the Walking With Dinosaurs series?  We love those.

Aunt Suz

Wow! You guys do such amazing things. You are living science class...which is so much more fun than reading about it in books. Si and Levi I think I would have been scared to stand in the water with the Horseshoe crabs. Sounds like you are having a fabulous summer...and its only just starting! I love the last photo of you both together. Ruby sends you a big wet kiss!

Gwynneth Beasley

Yes we love the Walking with Dinosaur Series! My kids have learnt everything they know about nature from those dvd's! These were how I explained that whilst its bad for one animal to be eaten, its good for the animal doing the eating, and they learnt all about mating from these! They like Chased by Dinosaurs also - its BBC too - mostly we watch these on youtube!!


Thanks Suz! 

This was much more fun than reading about it in a book, although it was a book for kids called Crab Moon that started our interest in seeing the horseshoe crab migration.  Have you ever seen the migration in Delaware?  I seem to remember that you go to the beach there often (or used to anyway). 

We hope your summer is going great too.  Come visit soon!


Michelle, Your photos came out great & the experience sounds so interesting! I'm thankful
that Levi's rash went away without too much difficulty & that he didn't develop any respiratory symptoms from it. Sounds like you learned a lot & had fun!


Thanks Angela!  You guys have got to see this someday, it was so amazing!

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