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May 10, 2010



I can't believe how much fun this has been for us....I love it!


What a cool thing to do!! Glad to hear you've had such success!

Gwynneth Beasley

That sounds like the best program. Being able to identift frog calls - that is amazing! Good on you for signing up!


Yes! I love this so much Michelle! I am so proud of you and the boys. What a huge accomplishment! I have to say, this is homeschooling/unschooling at its FINEST! I liked your photo with your official paperwork identifier in your van window!


Thanks Lisa!


Thanks Gwynneth!  I have a feeling that recognizing all the frog calls in your part of the world would be much more difficult, it is a pretty cold climate here, so weve only 9 calls to identify.


Hi Deb!  Thank you!  It is such a fun project, when you the boys get settled, youll have to check out the link at the end of the blog, there are so many interesting citizen projects that you guys could take part in.


Silas and Levi, do you think you could teach me to identify the different frog calls? It looks like you were in a beautiful part of Maine. I wish I could have been there to see the moose!


Congratulations to all of you on your achievement! This doesn't sound easy, but very, very fascinating. I would LOVE this. Way to go!


Can you all mimic the frogs? I'm requesting a video clip for the blog of all of you copying their calls - that would be GREAT!!!!! We have a professor at Hopkins that studies bird brains and bird calls - he's amazing at making bird sounds. Very cool project - can't wait to read about the next visits to your assigned territory and what you discover.


Silas says yes, he can definitely teach you!

Levi says peep, peep = peeper, gunk gunk gunk = green frog, quack, quack quack = wood duck.  The other sounds I am unable to transcribe, hell have to make them in person.


Thank you Angela!  Just think, you, Sophia and the baby could be doing this kind of thing in a couple years.  Maybe you and Sophia should come along with us on our next run!


Hi Martine!  I love the idea of a video clip of frog calls!  Silas and Levi are pretty good at mimicking the calls and when Mark snores, he sounds exactly like a pickerel frog, so much so that the boys always call it a Papa pickerel frog.  I think I need to make that video.

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